Bucky’s Convenience Stores Strive to Ensure All Customers are Treated with Respect

NAPERVILLE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2019 / Bucky’s Convenience Stores is handling a recent matter following a confrontation with an employee and a valued customer.

On Tuesday, July 16th an incident took place at one of the Bucky’s Convenience Stores locations, located at Washington Street and Bailey Road in Naperville, IL. A former associate of Bucky’s acted inappropriately towards members of the Latino community.

A representative of the company issued the following statement:

“The comments made by the associate are not reflective of the core values of Bucky’s Convenience Stores. We apologize to all of the individuals that were affected by the associate’s inappropriate behavior. As with all personnel matters, we did a full investigation and determined this individual’s behavior was unacceptable, and the individual is no longer employed by us. We do not tolerate any behavior that is insensitive to our valued customers. At Bucky’s, we pride ourselves on being a very diverse and inclusive company that treats all individuals with the utmost respect. We strive for our customers to have a great experience each time they stop at Bucky’s and expect that all of our associates provide excellent customer service at all times.”

About Bucky’s

Bucky’s Convenience Stores are located in Houston and over four Midwest states in the Chicagoland, greater St. Louis and Omaha areas.

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